It’s All Because of Al-Zaidi

Since the incident of Muntadhar Al Zaidi, an Iraqi journalist who threw shoes at Bush during a news conference in Baghdad, a new security system was geniusly developed for protecting Bush from any possible attack.


Even in a party….


Hmm… I am wondering how is Al-Zaidi now… Does he survive or has been chopped into pieces???

Anybody can tell???


4 respons untuk ‘It’s All Because of Al-Zaidi

  1. he’s alive.,2933,473948,00.html
    will get either 3 years (insulting a foreign leader) or 15 years (assaulting a president).
    what about killing innocent iraqis?

    Makhluk Maniez aka Munyuk Mentel replies:

    Phew… Thanks God, he is alive (hopefully, he is safe and not tortured in prison).
    Killing innocent iraqis???
    Well, the person obviously walks free… though his hands are covered with blood. So.. What is implied here is you’ve got to be a mass murderer who killed thousands of innocent people to be able to walk free. It’s ironic, isn’t it?

  2. @munyukmentel: oh yea, PS: he is tortured.

    Makhluk Maniez a.k.a Munyuk Mentel replies:

    Hmm…Just exactly like I thought. May God help him in any way…

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