Some Facts About Internet Dating

When internet stops you from being naive… and it all begins in a chat room…

1. You exchange sparkling and fabulous info


2. As time moves on, you start to believe every single thing he/she says   ( you even believe his/her words that you are the only one on the net)

you are the only one

3. You start to dream of meeting him/her in reality and can’t wait for that moment to come


4.  But… when that day comes


It finally reveals the truth…


It is simply because you don’t know that these are actually the beautiful “girls” in AOL Chat Room 😆


Sooo…. Once again I just wanna say that..



4 respons untuk ‘Some Facts About Internet Dating

  1. berarti aku harus bertanya kamu itu cewek apa cowok hihihihihihihi

    Makhluk Maniez a.k.a Munyuk Mentel replies:

    Wah ituh yang akyu gak bisa jawab disinih, ntar ajah pas kopdar baru ketauan wkwkwkwkwk…

  2. maybe we should stop asking, cos the cyber answers won’t matter anyway 😉

    Makhluk Maniez a.k.a Munyuk Mentel replies:… So cut out all the questions and start using webcam… 😆
    It’s safer…..

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