Is there a soul mate for every one?

I love a famous saying that there is a lid for every pot. It means that everybody is meant to be paired with so called a soulmate. So what does this soulmate refer to? Is the saying telling the truth?

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato refers a soulmate to a person’s “other half” so that people are searching for someone to make them whole and to share our journey of life with. Hmmm… Searching…??? Isn’t that so tiring? It’s not easy indeed to search for a soulmate. Just let time bring you to meet your soulmate.

However, some others believe that soulmate is one of two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity, a person temperamentally suited to another, or someone for whom you have a deep affinity.

The problem is not every person we marry automatically becomes our soulmate. It is because love is more like a seed of plant. It can grow big only when you are willing to take care of it. You  should find some time to nurture and water it regularly, otherwise love may wither and die, especially when you just take it for granted or even abandon it. Love needs some efforts to take care of it in order to grow big and bear fruit.

That is why there are many marriages that do not work out well. It is because the couple just give up working on their marriage to be harmoniously forever till later death do them apart. Accordingly, it is not wrong at all when most couples believe, before the marriage was broken, that their spouse was their only soulmate. Well… It was possible that they were soulmates. Just things then happened on the way and they could not work it out, making them no longer soulmates. It’s as simple as that, right?

Nothing is eternal in this mortal world so is the soulmate matters. Sometimes, it is more likely that you already have encountered with your soulmate in your life but you are just not aware of it. Just like the song lyrics by Natasha Bedingfield, “Is it possible, Mr. Loveable is already in my life? Right in front of me …” The answer for it, “It is strongly possible, sweetie…”

Natasha Bedingfield also asks in one of her song lyrics, “How do I find a perfect fit?” Unfortunately, you cannot expect people to fit you perfectly since you yourself are not perfect. Soulmate  made for you to complement each other and, in order to be perfect, you have to work on it.

So… Once again, when Natasha Bedingfield with her emotive, mournful voice cries out the question in her beautiful song, “There is enough for every one but I am still waiting in line. Is there a soulmate for every one?” The answer, “Definitely there is a lid for every pot but it just depends on how you spot it and work out on it…” It is strongly possible that your soulmate is already right there, just before your eyes… you…just overlook the person…


3 respons untuk ‘Is there a soul mate for every one?

  1. sometimes, things aren’t like what we expect them to be. so pay attention to what eyes can’t see.

    Makhluk Maniez a.k.a Munyuk Mentel replies:

    Woooow… I couldn’t agree more… 😀

  2. pertanyaannya adalah apakah kita hanya punya satu soulmate atau bisa punya banyak???

    Makhluk Maniez a.k.a Munyuk Mentel replies:
    Kalo dilihat realitanya sih, yang namanya soulmate itu sepertinya bisa lebih dari satu… 🙂

  3. Great post!! I often am trying to come up with answers to similar questions for myself! OY love and life is tough sometimes, huh?

    Makhluk Maniez aka Munyuk Mentel replies:

    Tell me about it 😀

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