Today is a Gift: Kung Fu Panda Words of Wisdom

“You are concerned with what was and what will be,” that was what the Master Oogway said to Po, a panda who was going to give up learning Kung Fu and decided to go back to his village. In the movie  entitled Kung Fu Panda, Master Oogway, a wise turtle, then went on with his words of wisdom, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” By saying those words, he indirectly suggested Po not to worry too much about the future that lied ahead but to focus more on what he had at the present since the present was a precious moment.

Similar to Panda, most of us are worried a lot about something that we have not necessarily faced yet.  We are worried about what will happen and  will be tomorrow. Mostly, the worries we have only stay in our mind, not turning into reality. In fact, as human beings, we actually have no power to control what is going to happen tomorrow. We even cannot control what is going to happen in the next five minutes. So why do we bother about what will happen to us in the future since we have no power over it? Worrying about something that we do not necessarily know for sure, whether it is really going to happen or not, is absolutely a waste of energy. Even worst, it may turn us down and fail ourselves to start a new day in a good spirit. However, most of us are still doing it, worrying about things that may happen tomorrow.

So… What exactly the things that people are worried about? Mostly people are worried about so many things, ranging from their spouse, kids, wealth, health to careers. For singles, they are afraid of growing old and die alone. Whilst the wedded couples are worried that one day their spouse may cheat on them. For couples with kids, the worries are around not being able to raise their children well, and put them into good school, and for those who suffer from a disease, they are worried about being unable to get well.

Growing old and die alone are perhaps what most people are afraid of. But who knows for sure if we are going to die alone or not? Is it us who control our fate? Is it us who decide how we were born into the earth, how long we will live, or how will we die? Absolutely NOT.

A couple who are afraid that their spouse might cheat on them one day, they should know that things might happen on the way and might not. There are always some chances. Whilst those who are worried about being unable to afford their children to good school, they should realize that blessings  are not in their hands. It is greatly possible that parents get extra money from they way they least expect it. So why do we bother worrying about our future?

The point is, since we have no power even to control everything  that happens around us, we’d better let it all go with the flow whilst praying hard, surrender to God, and at the end let what will be will be. Just like Doris Day mentioned in her song lyrics,

Que Sera, Sera,

Whatever will be, will be

                The future’s not ours, to see

Que Sera, Sera

                 What will be, will be

Sitting back and let life go with the flow. Stop focussing on the future  yet start  giving out your best efforts for everything you are working on right now. Make sure that everything you do or you have at the moment is absolutely better than what you did or what you had the other day. It is simply because you never know how long  you will live, whether you can live up to tomorrow or not. Sooo… Stop worrying about your future and  do your best right at the moment…

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6 respons untuk ‘Today is a Gift: Kung Fu Panda Words of Wisdom

  1. alasan aku gak komen adalah…aku males membacanya hahahahaha…mbok yo gawe boso jowo ae ben aku ngerti…..

    Makhluk Maniez a.k.a. Munyuk Mentel replies:

    Walaaah kuwi jenenge merendahkan diri untuk meninggikan mutuuu…he3.
    Iyo ikiiii…ketok’e aq gek kumat kok ndadak nganggo boso linggis barang… padahal akehe sing moco kuwi teko ndiwek… 😛

  2. jadi inget aku sering meminta tolong ditransletin bahasa inggris hihihihihi…dududududuuuu

    Makhluk Maniez a.k.a Munyuk Mentel replies:

    Waaah…. Jadi inget juga nih kalo belum bikin bon tagihan….hehehehehe….
    *Buru-buru cari bon buat ditulisin angka

  3. sulit dipercaya artikel ini ditulis oleh seorang (atau seekor?) munyuk mentel

    Makhluk Maniez a.k.a Munyuk Mentel replies:… Sorry to surprise you… But Master Oogway’s lines did hit me and made a great turning point… 😀

  4. kemarin adaah sejarah, besok adalah misteri, dan sekarang adalah hadiah

    Makhluk Maniez aka Munyuk Mentel replies:


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